2012 Top 10 Universities In The World

The Times Higher Education released the list of  reputation ranking of world's best Universities. UK and US are leading and Japan also made a place in the list.

Here are the top 10.

1. Harvard University
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, The United States
Year Established: 1636
Reputation Score: 100.0
President: Drew Gilpin Faust
Academic staff: 2107
Website: www.harvard.edu

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, The United States
Year Established: 1861 (opened 1865)
Reputation Score: 87.2
President: Susan Hockfield
Academic staff: 1,018
Website: http://mit.edu/

3. University of Cambridge
Location: Cambridge, England, the United Kingdom
Year Established: 1209
Reputation Score: 80.7
Chancellor: The Lord Sainsbury of Turville
Academic staff: 5,846 
Website: http://www.cam.ac.uk/

4. Stanford University
Location: Stanford, California,The United States
Year Established: 1891
Reputation Score: 72.1
President: John L. Hennessy
Academic staff: 1,910
Website: http://www.stanford.edu/ 

5. University of California Berkeley
Location: Berkeley, California,The United States
Year Established: March 23, 1868
Reputation Score: 71.6
Chancellor: Robert J. Birgeneau
Website: http://berkeley.edu/

6. University of Oxford
Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK
Year Established: 1096 or earlier
Reputation Score: 71.2
Chancellor: The Rt. Hon. Lord Patten of Barnes
Website: http://ox.ac.uk/

7. Princeton UniversityLocation: Princeton, New Jersey, United States
Year Established: 1746
Reputation Score: 37.9
President: Shirley M. Tilghman
Academic staff: 1,172
Website: www.princeton.edu/ 

8. University of Tokyo
Location: Bunky┼Ź, Tokyo, Japan
Year Established: 1877
Reputation Score: 35.6
President: Junichi Hamada
Academic staff: 5,779
Website: http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/ 

9. University of California Los Angeles
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Year Established: 1919
Reputation Score: 33.8
Chancellor: Gene D. Block
Academic staff: 4,016
Website: http://www.ucla.edu/

10. Yale University
Location: New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Year Established: 1701
Reputation Score: 32.4
President: Richard C. Levin
Academic staff: 3,619
Website: www.yale.edu

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