Earthquake IN Delhi NCR

5.6 Magnitude Earthquake felt in Delhi NCR region at 10:32 PM on 6 February 2017. Tremor felt in all Delhi NCR Gurgaon region, Meerut, Dehradun and some part of Uttar Pradesh. Centre of earthquake was in Uttaranchal. Till now There is no immediate loss of life and property reported.


I am not any expert or very intellectual type of guy like those who daily appear on national television to debate about so called serious issues of our country. I just came across a situation few days ago when I saw something and now i am sharing it with my readers. I was coming back to home from work and i saw some people were abusing a boy and a girl  because they were kissing at metro station, i don't know it was right or wrong but the way those people were treating them that wasn't right at all and may be that boy and girl was wrong but people's behavior made it  vica versa.  I remembered one word that they were repeating that" you guys are responsible for ruining our society " (tum logo ki wajah se hamari society bigad rahi hai). Then i thought what is actually society and who define  what is right or wrong for society.

Society , whenever we talk about it or listen this word the first thing comes in our mind the people around us ,where we live, our neighbors, friends, relatives and all the human beings. But i was thinking and asking the question to myself that what is really meaning to be live in society what is the purpose, why we need a society. Actually there is no doubt that no one can grow without society, society is very important for overall growth of a human beings but what make human different from animals is that after growing every human being has his/her own identity and he want to follow his/her own way to live life. But if the same society deprive him from following his heart then i think something is wrong there.

Openness of mind has increased very fast in last decade in India or may be in metro city only as i live in metro. There are youngsters those who don't believe in any social boundary that becomes a hurdle between their happiness or I should say hurdle in the style of living life (that would be proper I think), and on the other hand there are some youngsters who believe that other type is ruining India's culture and heritage by their so called open mind thinking. Actually one group of youngsters think now from bigger prospectus of life and believe that they got one life and they want to live it full, and no one have the right to stop them from living their life as they want. But It does not mean that go out on night and comments on girls or grab them or drunk in public places or create nuisance as we saw in Bengaluru. But the people who do these things are actually not matured enough or we can say they were not grown fully as human beings, may be because they brought in bad environment or it could be any reason but they do things which effect all the next gen youngsters and people who are intolerant about every thing and wait to get a chance to raise their fingers .

I think next gen youngsters just want  that if you can't support them then at least don't interfere, when they don't disturb anyone or create a problem for you, whether it about sex before marriage or live in relationships or choosing a career that seem odd or against the fashion of the society.